Five Considerations when You Pick a Water Heating Service

by | Aug 24, 2022 | Plumbing

There are several considerations that you should look at before you pick a service provider to come to your property and install a new water heating system. Use this list as a reference to help you filter through your service options faster.

License and Credentials

When you choose a company for water heater installation services in Phoenix, Arizona, pick one that’s licensed and has credentials. Does the company hire pros with professional experience and expertise? How many years has the company been in the industry?

Service Lineup

What other services does the company provide? Aside from water heating installation, do you require plumbing repairs and maintenance inspections? You could hit two or three birds with one stone by getting the crew to perform all those tasks in one visit.

Post-Work Cleanup

Once the work is done, will the crew handle the removal and cleanup of the debris, dust, and clutter? Some companies already include this in services that their service fee covers. Do the same. Be clear about the services that are included in the cost. That’s one way to determine if some of the assistance you expect are part of the service package, and whether you should request them for an extra charge or not.

Reviews and Feedback

What do the reviews say? Is the general feedback positive? Complaints shouldn’t chase you away. However, if the complaints outnumber the positive reviews, start paying attention. Do the complaints mention the same issues, even if the reviews are months or even years apart? That could mean long-standing problems that the service provider has yet to resolve. Spare yourself the trouble and headache by bringing your business elsewhere.

Ask About Emergency Services

If you have a plumbing or water heating emergency, check the service provided by Armstrong Plumbing. Not all companies offer emergency repair and installation, so keep that in mind.

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