Germ-Free: Hand Washing with Portable Sinks

by | Jun 9, 2016 | Plumbing Services

Kids touch everything in sight. From stones and rocks to caterpillars, frogs and everything else in your backyard. There’s no stopping them. And because hand washing is the first line of defense, you end up nagging them to wash their hands.

Fighting Germs
Kidshealth says germs can spread in many ways. But the one thing you can do to keep those germs in check is to encourage your kids to wash up. This can be a bit difficult to do if they have to keep tromping to the kitchen or bathroom sink. Any kid would find that tedious. However, there is one thing you can put in place to encourage them to wash their hands. Go and get a portable hand wash sink.

Portable hand wash sink
With a portable sink that you can place anywhere, you could encourage your family to wash their hands regularly. Put it out in the garden so that your kids won’t have to keep running into the house just to wash off the dirt and germs. Tired of nagging them to death about washing their hands with soap and water? A portable sink is convenient and handy so your kids won’t have trouble remembering to use it.

Mobile and Accessible
Bring it anywhere. If you have an event you want to go to and there are no proper handwashing stations in sight—like music festivals or fairs—you can pack along your trusty, portable hand sink. It should make hand washing easy and accessible. If you’re packing it up for a trip—to campsite or the beach—then that’s great news as well, giving you proper hand washing facilities wherever and whenever you need. With a portable hand sink, it’s easy enough to remind everyone else in your family to wash their hands and keep safe from germs.

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