Getting Ready for a Toilet Installation

Are you getting ready for a toilet installation in Cumming, Georgia? Chances are your plumber will take care of everything, but you may want to complete a few easy steps on your own to ensure the installation goes off without any problems. You can easily get ready to install a new toilet by using the following tips.

Turn Off the Water Supply

Most toilets get their water supply from the lower left part of the wall or floor, through a small, flexible pipe. Depending on your bathroom’s setup, this pipe may end up hidden under the newly installed toilet. Before you start any project involving pipes, you want to make sure the water is turned off. A toilet installation in Cumming, Georgia, is no different than these other projects. In this case, the water supply to the toilet should be turned off at the main shut-off valve.

Clean the Base Area

Before your plumber can bring in the new toilet, the base area need to be cleaned. Most plumbers will remove debris from the drain plug to ensure your new toilet will flush properly. A wax seal should also be installed prior to the toilet. This seal helps reduce toilet-related leaks. Your plumber may also caulk around the base of the installed toilet. It can be a good idea to simply caulk around the front, so you can catch leaks early on when they are still relatively easy to fix. You should talk to your plumber to find out if this is a good option for you.

Make an Appointment

The most important thing you can do to get ready for a toilet installation in Cumming, Georgia, is to make an appointment with your plumber. Having an expert do the installation will increase the likelihood that the process is done right. You do not want your brand new fixture to be uneven or in need of repairs because of a poor installation. You can learn more about the process by talking with your trusted plumber today.

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