The Importance Of Maintaining A Water Heater In Allentown

by | Sep 21, 2016 | Plumbing

Most people have heard the saying, “You don’t know what you have until it’s gone.” Though it’s true about many different things, it is especially true about hot water! Hot water is usually just assumed to be there when taking a quick shower or washing a few dishes in the sink, but when the Water Heater in Allentown malfunctions and there is no hot water available, it’s easy to realize just how much it is missed. Fortunately, with routine maintenance, most people can extend the life of their water heater and prevent a messy malfunction.

Many don’t think about maintenance of the water heater, but it is necessary. Sediment can come from debris or mineral deposits in the water. If this sediment builds up in the bottom of the tank, it can cause problems in more ways than one. First, if the sediment build-up can cover over the heating element, then the element must work harder to heat the water in the tank. This can cause the element to burn out sooner and need to be replaced. Additionally, a large build-up of sediment can take up a lot of room in the tank, causing less space for heated water to be stored. The same amount of energy is used to heat the tank, but less water is in the tank for use.

The most damaging reason that the Water Heater in Allentown should be flushed is that a large deposit of sediment in the bottom of the tank can eventually cause the base of the tank to corrode. This can cause leakage that can be potentially damaging the other items in the home, such as drywall, floors, or furniture. Additionally, it is not cost effective to repair or replace a corroded and leaking tank on the water heater. Most likely, a plumbing service, such as S. Agentis Plumbing will need to replace the entire unit.

Always remember to routinely flush the sediment out of the water heater. It will help to extend the life of the unit and protect again additional damage to the home if the unit were to leak due to corrosion.

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