Signs it is Time for Sump Pump Repair in Philadelphia

by | Jul 12, 2016 | Plumbing

At some point in time, anything mechanical in a home is going to require repairs or replacement, and that includes the sump pump. While a quality sump pump should provide about a decade of protection prior to any issues, when the end arrives, homeowners will likely see a number of signs. Some of the most important signs to notice that indicate it is time for Sump Pump Repair in Philadelphia or replacement can be found here.

Frequent Cycling On and Off

If a sump pump is cycling off and on regularly, even when there are heavy rains, then there is likely a problem. It may be as simple as a float switch that is not adjusted properly. If a homeowner does not seek Sump Pump Repair in Philadelphia quickly, it can cause the pump’s motor to burn out prematurely. Frequent cycling may also be an indication the actual sump basin is not big enough for the volume of the water it takes on. This may result in the water in the sump reaching levels that are too high rather quickly.

Longer than Normal Run Times

It is important for homeowners to listen to their sump pump the next time it comes on. If it is running for several minutes at a time, it likely means some issue is developing. The capacity of a sump pump is rated for the total number of gallons of water it can handle per minute. If the capacity of the pump is not sufficient to meet the home’s needs, it can cause big issues and expensive repairs.

When it comes to a sump pump, seeking the right repair service is a must. Take some time to research the options in the local area to find the one that is right for the home. They should have a good reputation and be licensed. Homeowners who have more questions about when sump pump repair is needed or need to schedule an appointment can Visit City Plumbing. Here, they can speak with quite a few friendly professionals who understand how the devices work and what needs to be done to restore efficiency.

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