Three Tips for Choosing Humidifiers for the Home

by | Oct 12, 2016 | Heating & Cooling

Humidifiers are not only appliances that can be purchased from a store. A heating and cooling company can hook up a humidifier that will fit well in a home. This type of humidifier will offer more advanced options than a typical store-bought choice. With a number to choose from, there is certain criteria consumers should consider before purchasing. By following these three tips, each homeowner can choose the right humidifier for their home.

Consider the Type

With a variety from which to select, the ultrasonic humidifier is one option, where the appliance works very quietly. Next, is an evaporation humidifier, which works quickly to put cool air into a room. It absorbs the water easily thanks to the absorbent wick within it. The final type is an air washer. It does not require the use of filters. The type chosen may simply be a personal preference. Those who are unsure can speak to the installing technician to determine which may be easier to maintain or use within the home.

Choose the Best Size

A small humidifier is a good choice if you only need it for one room, such as a bedroom or nursery. Those that want the humidifier to work in a larger portion of the home, such as throughout the living areas, can choose a larger humidifier that covers more space. There are also travel sizes that can be brought anywhere that is needed.

Think About the Features

Some have extra features that homeowners want to have included. This should be thought about before making a final purchasing decision. One such feature is an auto-shutoff. This means the humidifier will automatically shut off once the desired humidity level is reached. 40 is the typical level to shoot for. Another feature is an LCD display screen. This will allow users to monitor their humidifier readings.

Humidifiers are not all made the same. Some offer extra features while others use filters when some don’t. The features, type, and size all play an important role in which humidifier is chosen for the home. Those who are unsure of which type is best can speak to their installing technician to learn more about the variety offered. we can answer any questions customers have about their humidifier and how it works.

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