Why is Regular Backflow Device Testing in Tucson, AZ Necessary?

by | Dec 21, 2016 | Plumbing

Backflow prevention devices serve a very particular, and very important, purpose. They stop water, often in sewer lines, from getting backed up into buildings and contaminating other water supplies. Their mechanical failure can lead to contaminated drinking water supplies as a worst case scenario, and seriously unpleasant messes to clean up even under better circumstances. Those responsible for maintaining them should be sure that their devices are functioning as intended through routine Backflow Device Testing in Tucson AZ.

Another less unpleasant sounding but equally dangerous contamination issue can come up when backflow prevention devices used for irrigation systems end up malfunctioning. The chemicals and pesticides used in irrigation water should, under no circumstances, find their way into water supplies intended for human consumption. If a device stops working as intended, it could affect more than just the people who failed to have it checked. It could contaminate the water supplies of surrounding buildings, and even groundwater that is located downstream.

The worst part about these issues is that barring a serious catastrophe, property owners may not even know that their water supplies are being contaminated without backflow device testing in Tucson AZ. This is why many municipalities require regular testing, and all water companies must provide proof that their supplies are protected against this serious issue.

It’s also why the companies providing testing services must be properly certified to perform both tests and repairs. Water companies should specifically seek out an accredited service provider. These preventative services are not expensive and could be integral to preventing a serious health disaster.

The way these tests work is by simulating a backflow condition by changing water pressure in the pipes and using a testing gauge to evaluate how the backflow device handles the changes. Disruptions in pressure and water flow can both cause a real-life backflow condition, and without regular testing, there is no way to know whether or not this would lead to pollution of the water supply. Luckily, some testing companies, such as Arico Plumbing Heating Cooling, make it easy and inexpensive to have these tests performed. They can schedule tests on the same day when necessary, and charge reasonable prices, leaving water suppliers with no excuse for neglecting this important task.

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