Issues that May Require Septic Pump Repairs in Titusville, Florida

For homes that don’t have access to municipal sewer lines, the way homes deal with liquid and semi-solid waste is through septic tank systems. These systems are extremely efficient and have been in use for many years.

Now, most septic systems work with the help of gravity to move waste from a home to a septic tank receptacle and then out to a drainage field. However, because of various elevations in a property, not every septic system can rely on gravity. In these situations, a septic pump may have to be used to create a vacuum to move waste out of the house and through the septic system. While pump-powered systems are just as effective as gravity-powered systems, this type of system may require Septic Pump Repairs in Titusville Florida occasionally.

There are a number of things that can affect the pump and its normal operation. Sometimes, the septic tank may need to be cleared out or the drainage field may need to be regraded. These issues can cause backups that can cause a pump to work inefficiently. It can sometimes cause a premature burning out of the pump.

There are times where the pump itself may be the problem. For example, if a pump doesn’t turn on, there could be a problem with its electrical connection. The motor that operates the pump may have worn out over time, and the pump will need to either be reconditioned or replaced. In addition, the various floats and valves inside of the pump that provides enough suction to move waste through the septic system may not be working properly. If the problem is significant enough, the only repair that can be made is to replace the old pump with a new unit.

This barely scratches the surface of some of the common Septic Pump Repairs in Titusville Florida that may be required over time. If your septic system isn’t working properly and the septic system seems clear, it may be a problem with the pump.

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